A man in Calgary accused of terrorism

Un homme de Calgary accusé de terrorisme

Charges relating to terrorism-related offences were filed Wednesday against a man from Calgary.

It is this that has informed the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), indicating that the individual, Hussein Sobhe Borhot, traveled to Syria to participate in the activities of the armed group islamic State (EI).

The young man 34 years of age “enrolled in EI, has received training in the purpose of enhancing the ability of the AR, has knowingly participated in or contributed to the activities of the group and has knowingly committed the offence that constitutes kidnapping under the leadership of the terrorist group or in association with him.”

He faces four charges, including participation in any activity of a terrorist group.

Currently in detention, Hussein Sobhe Borhot must appear in court on July 24 in front of the provincial court in Calgary. The time of his arrest, however, has not been clarified.

The survey,”comprehensive and complex of seven years” could lead to other arrests or charges, reported the RCMP, noting that she could not provide further information for the moment.

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