A man in his seventies lost his life in a course of conduct of motorcycle

Une septuagénaire perd la vie dans un cours de conduite de moto

LONGUEUIL | A 70-year old woman was killed over the weekend in Longueuil while she was taking part in a course of conduct of motorcycle with three wheels.

According to what was announced the police of Longueuil on Monday, the septuagenarian was learning how to maneuver his car in a parking lot on the chemin du Tremblay, Saturday to 13: 45 p.m., when the accident occurred.

“The lady would have made a wrong move, which made him lose control of his motorcycle. She eventually hit a wall of an adjacent building,” explained constable Mélanie Mercille, a spokesman for the police Service of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil (SPAL).

The driver sustained injuries to the head. She has finally succumbed the next day at the hospital.

A survey of the SPAL is still underway to identify the circumstances explaining this accident.

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