A man racist sows the seeds of anxiety in a skateparc de Trois-Rivières

Un homme raciste sème l'inquiétude dans un skateparc de Trois-Rivières

THREE-RIVERS | Trois-Rivières has received numerous complaints from concerned parents vis-à-vis a man of forty years who would have the habit to stand in a skateboard park in Three Rivers.

Its page on Facebook and his YouTube account, Stéphane Gagné – a man awaiting trial for assaulting a waitress and does not hesitate to display by throwing comments like “you’re a Negro esti, you’re a Nigger!”

The mother of a black family of Three-Rivers decided that enough was enough. “It is incitement to violence and hatred. It gives how to do this? It gives the young people around him will say, ‘go home, the negro””, she denounced.

Many parents of children who frequent the skateboard park Abalone have also filed a complaint with the City of Trois-Rivières. “Certainly, the remarks of Mr. Gagné are shocking and condemnable. We, they say, is that Three Rivers is an inclusive city”, commented the spokesperson of the City, Guillaume Cholette-Janson.

During the passage of VAT New at the skate park, Stéphane Gagné, was absent, but parents have expressed their concern. “All the parents are concerned. Why a guy of 40 years behind with young people?”, has questioned a mother who has preferred to keep anonymity.

Stéphane Gagné says to be a volunteer for the City of Trois-Rivières. However, it is not the case, according to Mr. Cholette-Janson. “Is it that he has already shoveled? Without a doubt. But that does not make him a volunteer. The City has never asked for anything,” said the spokesperson.

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