A man running across the sky, surprised users of the Network. Video

Человек, бегущий по небу, удивил пользователей Сети. Видео

The movie just turned, and has created the illusionIn the Network is now discussing a video in which a man allegedly flees across the sky and even reflected in it. The footage, though, and look realistic, actually have nothing to do with reality. A strange video was posted by a user of the website “Reddit,” writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Golos.Ua

The movie just turned, and has created the illusion. It is worth noting that the video itself is interesting: the original person wants to jump in the lake, but in the end just runs on it. Only through time it becomes clear that the pond is covered with ice, which you notice immediately is unrealistic.

People wondered how the man managed to escape on the ice and not fall. The speed of movement was rather big, could be in the emergency room to be. After a time one of the users decided to flip the video for fun. The updated version seemed more exciting. Now the new version of the movie spread across the Internet.

According to commentators, the illusion failed. The reflected trees seemed to some more realistic than real.

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