A man suspected of drugging seniors to steal them appears

A man is scheduled to appear in Montreal on a series of robberies in the homes of elderly people who were initially drugged while eating chocolates.

The police claim that Hamid Chekakri went to see elderly people to visit their house for sale, and immediately showed interest in buying.

To conclude the offer to purchase, the Algerian national would have offered chocolates and a bottle of wine, and insisted that the alleged victim take a chocolate, as is customary in his country.

According to the police, the people then fell into a deep sleep for several hours, to realize when they woke up that they had been stolen. The investigators believe that 47-year-old Chekakri had put a psychotropic drug in the chocolates that slows down the central nervous system.

Court documents indicate that the Montreal police began last December’s investigation into a series of home violations. Mr. Chekakri was finally arrested by US police in Atlanta on March 31st.

According to US authorities, he was pinned to the airport from Costa Rica.

Detained in Georgia pending his extradition to Canada, Hamid Chekakri was finally brought home by Montreal police on Wednesday.

The police had already linked the same suspect to at least six other alleged victims in Montreal and Ottawa, but also three unsuccessful attempts in Montreal and Sherbrooke.

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