A man was found alive and well after being cremated

A man was found alive and healthy after being ; was cremated


A 36-year-old man, who was pronounced dead this summer, caused a stir in India after authorities tracked him down on Tuesday.

Deepak Balakrishnan Kandi had disappeared on June 7, according to the Times Of India newspaper. On July 17, the police found a body. They determined it was Kandi.

The man's family cremated the remains as part of a funeral ceremony. It wasn't until days later that authorities realized they had made a mistake about the individual's identity. DNA tests confirmed the suspicions of law enforcement.

After months of searching, officers uncovered an Aadhaar number during a series of searches at hotels in the area. This national identification system, which identifies each person with a twelve-digit code, made it possible to find Kandi.

The man was arrested in a hotel shortly after this discovery. During his “death”, Kandi is said to have traveled all over the country, jumping from one odd job to another in order to survive.