A manufacturer of wooden coffins in high demand in Victoriaville

Un fabricant de cercueils en bois très sollicité à Victoriaville

VICTORIAVILLE | A small family business unknown from Victoriaville, in Centre-du-Québec, has been known to play a major role in the crisis of the COVID-19, in this instance, the manufacturing of caskets and urns in wood.

Victoriaville & Co is one of the three largest manufacturers of caskets in North America. The company, which employs 500 workers, has had to ship to New York 500 boxes in a pin to hold temporarily the bodies of victims unidentified and unclaimed.

From the beginning of the crisis, Victoriaville & Co has been identified as an essential service.

Due to the sanitary measures implemented in the plant, the production rate had to be reduced, but all orders have been filled quickly for the United States, Quebec and Ontario.

“We had fewer applications for the regular products, but we have had requests extremely different for all sorts of other products, or for funeral homes that want to have a particular product, either for the jewish community of New York or the City of New York,” stated Alain Dumont, president of Victoriaville & Co.

“So it has been quite a difficult period because he took a turn on a 10 under”, he added.

As in Quebec, the embalming of the victims of the virus have been banned, a large portion of the bodies has been directed toward the cremation. Thus, the manufacturer has had to cope with an increase of 7 % of the ballot boxes that it manufactures in another division on the South Shore of Montreal.

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