A Marjo is not like the others

Une Marjo pas comme les autres

She was able to pull people out of their cars and it has paid even a long walk through the vehicles on the parking lot of the Market Jean-Talon in Charlesbourg.

It is suspected that the show-mode ciné-parc de Marjo was not going to be like the others. And this was the case.

Our rocker national gave, on Friday, his only performance of the summer, in acoustic trio with guitarist Bob Champoux and the drummer-guitarist François Richard.

A show presented in front of 120 vehicles. Of the regular cars, SUV’s, motorcycle, a few Jeep, a Hummer, a ” VR ” and several pick-ups, including the box, with seats, was like a suite.

Diverse Public

People from Quebec and also from Amos, Gaspe, Kamouraska, in the region of Montréal, Port-Cartier, Rivière-du-Loup, Trois-Rivières, and even Fatima, Îles-de-la-Madeleine. People who have taken advantage of their vacation to have fun with Marjo.

A very public and very diverse and of all ages. Young people and rockers old enough to have already seen a Crow on the boards.

The concert was broadcast on the FM band. There was no speaker sound, but it has not prevented people to quickly leave their vehicles to approach the scene.

The sound was less interesting, but hey, it was a beautiful summer evening and people were ready to accept the thing to be outdoors and to sing with Marjo.

It should be noted that the giant screens are set back along the parking lot and not on the sides of the stage.

“I’m so happy to be here. It doesn’t make sense “, she started, before the wild Cats.

She was visibly happy. During If that is what it is, she has left the scene to go on her high heels, take a short walk through the cars, complimenting some nice convertibles, and asking the owner of a motorcycle-type T-Rex where was the horn. A horn prohibited to resonate.


We felt completely in his element at this time. A small market that has been energized.

“You know what, I take a liking to this kind of show “, she gave up.

She was ready, at this time, to attack the large pieces of the repertoire of the Raven, and with his own Walking, in Love, I don’t, Elsewhere and Provocative.

The evening had started out a little rough with Illegal and stupid things that he has done to Quebec. We would have liked to hear the sounds of electric guitar and bass.

The trio has not set time, however, to find its rate and cruise speed with Impoésie.

“We just warm up. Slowly goal Surely “, she let it fall.

Unifying and shape, Marjo has not made time to go looking the public and put it in the small pocket of his black pants. She has done singing and she has directed arm movements in the air.

And it sings strong in a show of Marjo. It is the feast. A party that ended with a reminder, I know I know, Too much love , and If he had to.

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