A “mass killing” exercise on the site of the Béziers exhibition center

A “mass killing” exercise on the site of the Béziers exhibition center

Les hommes du Raid participeront à cet exercice. Midi Libre – ILLUSTRATION MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

A civil security exercise will be carried out this Tuesday March 5 on the site of the Béziers exhibition center. This large-scale operation will simulate an armed terrorist attack in an establishment open to the public. More than 50 professionals will be mobilized. The prefecture asks local residents not to spread false information about this exercise which will be visible from the outside.

This Tuesday March 5 will be lively at the Béziers exhibition center. The place will in fact be the scene of an internal exercise by the national police, coordinated by the prefecture. Objective:  test the coordination of security forces and the simultaneous deployment of relief forces in a crisis zone, in this case  in an infrastructure open to the public.

"The provisions of the ORSEC plan (in its "mass killing" component) will be tested during this exercise", explain the prefecture services in a press release . "This plan provides for implementing, at the scene of an attack, all the necessary means to neutralize a threat quickly and to take care of victims in the safest possible conditions".

About sixty associated high school students from Béziers

More than 50 professionals will be mobilized, in particular staff from the interdepartmental direction of the national police of Hérault (public security staff from the Béziers and Agde police stations, a Raid column) but also agents from the municipality of Béziers and the local fire brigade. Around sixty students from the security high school in Béziers will also be involved in the conduct of this exercise.

The prefect of Hérault François-Xavier Lauch recalls that "the preparation and training of forces are essential to strengthen the force ;effectiveness of security and emergency measures and to deal with phenomena likely to put society in crisis".

"Do not relay photos or videos on networks" 

Due to the simulated real conditions, part of the exercise may be visible to the population around the site, including the presence of numerous security and emergency force vehicles. "The prefecture asks local residents to respect the perimeter of the exercise and not to relay photos or videos on social networks in order to avoid the spread of false information".

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