A medal to honor a great man

A medal to honor a great man

TERREBONNE – “To live is to give, and when you give, you receive.” This phrase, like a leitmotif, guided Derek Aucoin for many years. It is thus quite naturally that he was awarded the Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec on Tuesday, underlining his social involvement and his great human values.

“I want to put on my medal”, joked the former Expos pitcher, in good sportsmanship, during the official presentation made by Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon, as deputy for Terrebonne, in the afternoon, in a videoconference reserved for relatives.

This medal engraved with the name of Derek Aucoin and presented in a magnificent box is obviously not worn around the neck. Its great particularity is above all that it aims to honor the man, well beyond his baseball career. We pay homage to the citizen, the one who gave without counting through various causes.

Also known as a radio host and television analyst, Aucoin has led numerous fundraising auctions for the benefit of various community organizations. Among his many other accomplishments, he passed on his values ​​by teaching baseball to children in Quebec and elsewhere.

“This medal of the National Assembly is yours with distinction,” declared Mr. Fitzgibbon. With this recognition, the name of Derek Aucoin is now included among the citizens who have marked the history of Quebec. ”

A medal to honor a great man

An example to follow

It was in the morning that the famous medal was physically delivered to the home of the Aucoin family in Terrebonne. Isabelle Rochefort, Derek’s wife, then took the opportunity to deliver a touching testimony to her husband, who has been battling brain cancer since the summer of 2019.

“It’s fully deserved,” she said with pride. There is his social involvement, but he also does a lot of things that no one sees. This is just an example. Since we have known each other, we have often paid the bill for a family who was in front of us at the cash desk in a big box store. In this case, it’s financial, but he always wanted to help in different ways. Giving is his life, he never did it in order to be recognized. “

“This medal gives us another opportunity to show our son Dawson just how extraordinary his father is,” Isabelle also said with emotion.

Derek paved a way for this child and our son is identical to him, showing generosity and kindness. ”

A medal to honor a great man

Archive photo, QMI Agency

Derek Aucoin

Every day counts …

Regarding his state of health, Derek Aucoin once again showed his greatness of soul by expressing the wish to redirect his thoughts towards those who are living their own struggle and by inviting these people to show courage, indulgence and resilience.

Isabelle Rochefort summed up by taking the trouble to quote a sentence read recently in the office of Dr. Louise Gagnon, at the Center hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM): “Here, we don’t count the days because every day counts. “.

– This Medal of the National Assembly is in addition to several honors given to Derek Aucoin over the years. A baseball field bears his name in Charbonneau Park in Boisbriand since 2009. Aucoin was also inducted into the Quebec Baseball Hall of Fame a little over a year ago.

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