A member of Spice Girls was operated on urgently in London

Участницу Spice Girls срочно прооперировали в Лондоне

Melanie brown is still in the hospital.

Famous British singer Melanie brown, which is a member of the Spice Girls, unexpectedly was in the hospital. The star was immediately operated on in London.

Melanie brown admitted in his blog that he received broken ribs. In addition, the star seriously injured his hand, which was operated by the doctors. According to the artist, the surgery lasted about 3 hours.

“It’s a pain, but I am in safe and caring hands at the hospital. I went to doctors with 2 broken ribs, torn ligaments on his right hand, which he operated for about three hours. I try not to move to broken ribs healed,” said Melanie brown.

While the star says that was the reason for hospitalization. According to TMZ, Melanie brown fell down the stairs at his home in London.

Celebrity has canceled the presentation of his book in new York and apologized to fans who were expecting to meet her. The injured actress had already visited her colleagues in the group Spice Girls. Appropriate personnel Melanie brown published online.

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