A military plane makes a half-turn due to coronavirus

Un avion militaire fait demi-tour pour cause de coronavirus

TORONTO | A aircraft canadian military, who was flying Thursday to Latvia in the framework of a NATO mission, was forced to make a u-turn for fear that the troops on board have been exposed to the COVID-19, said the ministry of Defence.

The decision was taken when the canadian armed forces have learned that a individual to the military base in Trenton (Ontario), which had departed the aircraft, had been declared positive for the coronavirus, explained Sunday Jessica Lamirande, a spokesman for the ministry of Defence.

The individual in question may have come into contact with the 70 passengers and crew members who were aboard the plane, she pointed out.

“The health and well-being of our members, and our allies and partners in Latvia are a high priority,” wrote Ms. Lamirande in an email sent to AFP. “The decision was made to make a u-turn rather than landing in Latvia to avoid the risk of spreading the disease.”

The soldiers are going to have to spend 14 days in solitary confinement at Trenton, before it can be again deployed, she said, noting that the incident would not have major impacts on the canadian mission in Latvia.

Canada has approximately 540 soldiers deployed in Latvia, where he directs, since 2017, a battle group from the NATO.

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