A million dollars worth of jewelry appropriated to a man in his seventies

Un million de dollars en bijoux subtilisés à une septuagénaire

A Laval is shot with three and a half years in prison for stealing more than a million dollars in jewelry to a man in his seventies, forcing his daughter to have to go back to work to meet the needs of her loved ones.

“If the amount of the theft is so high, it is because the jewellery shops of the family were in transition, due to the death of the father, and they were stored in safes, in the home,” said Thursday the judge Lori Renée Weitzman, in the palais de justice of Montreal.

Un million de dollars en bijoux subtilisés à une septuagénaire

Tarek Youssef Baydoun

The theft, which occurred in April 2017, has been orchestrated by Tarek Youssef Baydoun, a Laval 24 years of age, as well as his co-defendants Omar Balazi and Sohaib Khabbaz.

On this day, the trio targeted a house in the montreal neighborhood of Ahuntsic, and arrived on scene with a pickup truck.

The occupants were absent, which allowed them to rob the residence, but especially to seize jewelry, liquor bottles collection of rare cigars and collectors ‘ items.

Two safes containing four gold bars of a kilo each, have also disappeared following the theft, as well as several personal effects with sentimental value.

“We can easily infer that [the thieves] knew what they were seeking, for themselves or on order, and had taken the means to transport a large quantity of goods,” said another judge in the case of a co-accused.

The victims were in shock when they returned.

“A tornado “

“When [the complainant] arrived at her home, a tornado is passed, and the house is upside down “, one reads in the judgment of the magistrate.

One of the victims explained that ” it is the entire wealth of the family, which has been stolen “, because the jewelry was from his father, jeweler, and died, and had been hidden in the house the time that they are transferred to the jewelry of a son in the United States.

“[The son] has trouble accepting that all his father had amassed over a period of 40 years has been stolen, ” added the magistrate.

With all of the family fortune soaring, the daughter of the deceased had to return to work, to provide for the needs of his relatives, including his mother in his seventies.

At his grand-mother

During the hearings, Baydoun has first denied stealing the safes, to finally acknowledge that they had been taken at his grand-mother.

“Some objects found by the police investigation have been handed over to the complainant and represent approximately $ 19,000, explained the judge. The rest is pure loss. “

Detained since June 2017, Baydoun apologized for his crime, and hoped to get away with the “time” to be released at her sentencing Thursday.

The Crown was claiming for his five years of incarceration.

The judge Weitzman was sentenced to 42 months in prison, which means that he still a little less than a year to purge.

His accomplices were sentenced to 26 and 36 months in prison for their involvement in the theft and break and enter.

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