A missing person in the Baskatong reservoir, Saturday night

Une personne disparue dans le réservoir Baskatong samedi soir

Research began late on Saturday night to find a missing person in the Baskatong reservoir, in the region of Grand-Remous, in Outaouais.

According to preliminary information obtained by the Sûreté du Québec, the person missing to the call would have fallen from a boat on the water.

The SQ was not able to say at the very end of the evening if it is a man or a woman or in what area of the tank, the person was gone.

The police has been informed of the disappearance shortly before 22: 30.

Note that another event has attracted the attention on the Baskatong reservoir, Saturday, a collision between a plane and a kayak – in the course of which a boy of 12 years was seriously injured.

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