A Montreal feared another attempt of fraud of the PCU

Un Montréalais craint une autre tentative de fraude de la PCU

Montreal is afraid that his address had been used by fraudsters after it received three letters from the federal access codes for online accounts, allowing them to obtain the Benefit of canadian emergency.

“I really made the leap to receiving it, I immediately thought of an attempt of fraud,” says Gilles Blain. I do not mean that the government thinks that it comes from me the requests, I have nothing to see there. “

It’s Thursday afternoon that he has made the discovery of three letters, all dated June 21, from Service Canada and for three different names, he doesn’t know everything, but with her address.

“I live here since 10 years, I don’t understand why it happens with me. It seems to me that they must perform some checks before to make this kind of shipment, ” said Mr. Blain, who is an artist-painter.

In the letters, it explains the procedure to follow in order to have access to a personal online account allowing you to receive the benefits of employment insurance. Delivery canadian emergency (PCU) of the employment insurance is also available, it is explained on the government website.

A special code is also given in order to be able to unlock the account.

It also indicates that it is possible to have access to direct deposit.

Theft of mailbox

Mr. Blain suspect that the people having made requests to Service Canada wanted to steal the letters before he got his hands on it.

“My mailbox is still easily accessible. After that, they just had to make a request for ECP direct deposit and leave with the money. A chance, I was faster than them, there has been a lot of news as what it is easy to defraud the PCU, ” said Mr. Blain.

He said that he has attempted to contact the number of Service Canada, which is located on the letters, but without success, since the wait is interminable.

“I wanted to tell them that I had received it, so they can act accordingly. Nevertheless odd three letters sent to an address where the people live not even “, he explains, wondering what to do now with the documents.

Fraud of the PCU

Contacted yesterday, Service Canada has not been able to answer our questions and explain what are the checks that are performed before allowing the posting of such security codes for opening an account online.

The Journal has published numerous reports in recent weeks showing the ease for fraudsters to steal the PCU, in particular by capturing the identity of honest citizens.

The government, which is the subject of sharp criticism since its emergence in march, is valued at $ 60 billion. Already, more than 43 G$ have been paid out in benefits as of the date of 4 June to more than eight million of providers.

“Maybe it is a new way to defraud ? People should exercise caution and look at their mailbox often, ” concluded Mr. Blain.

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