A Montreal police officer sells weapons

Un policier de Montréal vend également des armes

A sergeant of the police of Montreal has managed to build, in parallel to his functions, a company selling military equipment and police officers, including firearms, discovered our Bureau of investigation. He has obtained millions of dollars in public contracts.

This situation is known and tolerated by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), although it is a case “which clearly poses ethical problems,” according to an expert.

Mathieu Fortier is the SPVM for nearly 20 years. He is currently a sergeant in the post of district and oversees a team of police officers.

The salary of a police officer of this grade and its age is more than 103 000 $ per year, which can add various bonuses.

Since 2014, Mr. Fortier is also the chairman and largest shareholder of Distributing Elite Canada, a company specializing in the distribution of military equipment and police officer.

A lot of customers

Distribution Elite Canada sells helmets, gloves, shirts, armor and other pieces of equipment, but also weapons, such as assault rifles, handguns, the irritating chemical and grenade launchers.

The company provides many police forces throughout the country, including the royal Canadian mounted police, the Sûreté du Québec, as well as the police service of Quebec city and Longueuil. She even signed an agreement with the government of Nunavut.

We discovered that it was off the hook for at least$ 2 Million worth of public contracts following calls for tenders, and several other smaller contracts that do not pass through a public process.

Distribution Elite Canada has taken enough place in the industry quite restricted military equipment and police officer to become the exclusive supplier canadian of certain international brands.

She, in particular, has the monopoly to sell in Canada the rifles Heckler & Koch to the police and the army.

The P2000, a rifle of caliber 9mm the German company, is used as a weapon of service to the whole of the 600 agents of the police de Longueuil.

Several intervention groups in the country also have the sub-machine gun MP5 Heckler & Koch.

No interview

The SPVM did not want to tell us if he had already done business with the company of his sergeant, under the pretext that it does ” not comment on the records of the police officers nor the records relating to its suppliers “.

Mathieu Fortier did not want to give interview. In an email exchange, he ensures that his company ” has never sold equipment to the SPVM and sell ever “.

His employer, if he wanted to buy the material of which it is the exclusive distributor, would communicate “directly with the manufacturer,” writes Mr. Fortier.

But this could complicate the re-supply of the SPVM.

For example, the company of Mathieu Fortier became in February the exclusive provider of protective helmets SuperSeer, used by the riders and motorcyclists from the SPVM.

The police in montreal should, therefore, negotiate directly with the us company for re-supply, at least to change the model.

Who is Mathieu Fortier ?

  • Police officer with the SPVM since 2001
  • Former agent intervention
  • Sergeant since 2015
  • Vice-president of the Cooperative of consumption of the Montreal police, which provides discounts to employees on insurance, travel and other products.
  • President and first shareholder Distribution Elite Canada

Of the contracts obtained by his company


Sûreté du Québec

  • Short-sleeved shirts: 832 500 $

Sûreté du Québec

  • Cargo pants: 549 120 $

City of Longueuil

  • Panels ballistic covers and flak jackets: 546 846 $

Quebec city

  • Long-sleeved shirts for the police: 92 607 $

The correctional Service of Canada

  • Protective helmets: 64 800 $


Government of Nunavut

  • Sports clothing: 9720 $


City of Lévis

  • Technical clothing police: 35 497 $

City of Longueuil

  • Emergency lights portable: 26 472 $

Royal Canadian mounted police

  • Other parts of the equipment: 13 900 $


City of Longueuil

  • Panels ballistic covers and flak jackets: 26 567 $


Régie intermunicipale de police Roussillon

  • Shoes: 16 177 $

City of Saint-Jérôme

  • Clothing and accessories for police officers and firefighters: 8734 $

The correctional Service of Canada

  • Grenade launcher: 3051 $

A Total of 2,225 million $

The double job is it legal ?

  • Since the kerfuffle of the snow storm on highway 13 in Montreal, in 2017, the Law on police prohibits officers have a second job.
    During this event, a captain of the Sûreté du Québec had not been able to intervene.
    It was an appointment with the notary, in the course of his second job as a real estate broker.
  • However, the duplication is tolerated among police officers unionized.
  • All the police quebecers, whether they are managers or unionized, cannot operate as a security company, locksmith, detective, or private sales of security systems. The sale of weapons or police equipment is not prohibited.

The appearance of a conflict of interest

An expert in ethics, believes that the story of the sergeant who also sells weapons is a ” real problem case “.

“The function of police officer comes with an authority, a reputation, a network of contacts. I don’t see how it would not benefit his private company, ” says Denis Saint-Martin, a professor of political science at the University of Montreal and a specialist in public administrations.

In Quebec, any police officer who has another source of income must be declared.

“All of the information we hold on this subject does not allow us to conclude the non-compliance with the rules and procedures in accordance with the Act on the police of Quebec, as well as internal procedures “, responded by e-mail to the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), who does the sergeant Mathieu Fortier.

And if he was a minister ?

All of our interview requests for details have been refused.

“I am not – and have never done – no solicitation of the SPVM or its employees (regardless of the position they occupy), during or outside of my working hours,” says of his side, Mr. Fortier.

But according to Denis Saint-Martin, ” this is not because he does not sell directly to its employer that it has settled the whole question of the potential conflict of interest “.

“It would be necessary that one explains to me how there is no inconsistency. If it was applied to a politician, a minister or a deputy minister, we would have taken strong measures to remedy the situation, ” adds the expert, corruption and ethics.

Not French fries

The professor at the École nationale d’administration publique Marie-Soleil Tremblay recalls that ” there was a lot of police officers that are double and that it is a practice which is widespread and seen as acceptable.”

Mr Saint-Denis stressed that ” not all duplication is not a source of conflicts of interests equal “.

“If he was selling French fries in his pataterie the end of the week, wouldn’t it be the same thing,” he says. The fact that it is the police equipment makes the question doubly difficult. I would place at the top of the chain as a potential conflict of interest. “

Some types of dual employment are clearly prohibited for police officers (see below), but not the sale of weapons.

“In a regulation, we may not have all the examples. Is it that in this case it goes against the intent of the regulation ? This is the question that must be asked “, raises Ms. Tremblay.

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