A mortician warns against the 2nd wave of the COVID

Un croque-mort met en garde contre la 2e vague de la COVID

A croque-death of Montreal is concerned about a second wave of COVID-19 after having seen its workload double and having been the witness of scenes were heartbreaking.

“The deaths seem to stay pretty stable, but I don’t like what I see. This is a worrying situation. My God it looks complicated for some to understand that it is a dangerous virus “, breath Michel Bédard, carrier funeral in Montreal, speaking of the relaxations as well as the movements of anti-mask.

In march, he remembers that it all started ” overnight “.

“We started to recover deceased persons in NURSING homes and hospitals. It was just a case of COVID. He had to force it to edge and equip themselves [to protect them from the virus] “, looks back from there.

Usually, the company where he works, SCS Perron, carries a twenty bodies per day.

In the time of a pandemic, this figure has more than doubled.

“We could recover up to fifty. We filled the vans without stop “, he adds.

Un croque-mort met en garde contre la 2e vague de la COVID

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Patrice Chavegros

Even the sound of a bell at Athos Memorial Services, whose operations have been very tense in April and may.

“All of our labs, our crematoriums, our refrigerators were solicited. It is found at all use it to its full capacity, while, normally, we can use them to 50 % or 60 % “, actually know Patrice Chavegros, vice-president of business development.

Of all ages

At the beginning of the pandemic, Michel Bédard wrote on Twitter the number of dead he was, as well as the age of each.

“It was to show the people that the virus was alive and well and dangerous. Me, I know that this is true, I am in the heart. I’ve seen trees out, and the others in the quarantine, in perfect health, who are deceased. The dead were falling like flies “, he says.

Scenes difficult

Mr. Bédard has been witness of challenging scenes, such as the time he transported a young 20-year-old was swept away by the virus.

A week later, he recovered the father’s body.

“Someone who dies of the COVID-19, this is not funny, he insists. These people died in great distress, the more able to breathe, and sometimes alone in their bed. You could see it in their facial expressions. “

It has also seen beneficiaries frightened by his presence.

“Normally, you go quickly and quietly in a ltc facility, but we had not had the time. We had to pass through to the residents. You could see it in their eyes that they were afraid “, he explains.

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