A mother saved from drowning by the benevolence of bathers

Une mère sauvée de la noyade par la bienveillance de baigneurs

On his hospital bed, a Drummondvilloise having been close to death by drowning was hard to find the words to thank the good samaritans who have rescued in the Saint-François river, last weekend.

“A chance that they were there, launched Valerie Rochefort, 33 years old, still shaken by the events. I am so grateful to them. I don’t know how to thank them. ”

Sunday, she went to the edge of the Saint-François river, Drummondville, in the Centre of Quebec city, with his children, his spouse and close relatives to cool off.

Une mère sauvée de la noyade par la bienveillance de baigneurs

Photo taken from Facebook
Valerie Rochefort

“The water being low, we wanted to cross the river to play in the small rapids. We saw a lot of people do. “

The day took a dramatic turn when she has set foot in a section of the water course of the river where she no longer touched the ground.

Marki St-Germain and Marie-Ève Gaudet were preparing to put their kayak in the water, at the parc des Voltigeurs, when they heard a cry for help.

“I went running towards them. Adults tried to leave three children of a hollow part, but they were running out. The lady was trying to swim with his little girl on the back, but his head was sinking ever more into the water, ” described Ms. Gaudet.


The scene went quickly. Ms. Gaudet took the 7 year-old child in her arms, and then she tried to help Ms. Rochefort. Shortly after, her husband, Mr. St-Germain, arrived with a kayak, which has served as a lifeline.

“We put Valerie on the kayak to transport it out of the water. People have helped me to push the boat, ” explains Mr. St-Germain.

On the shore, a lady did cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to Mrs. Rochefort, who was unconscious.

“The arrival of the ambulance, she had coughed up water and regained consciousness,” recalls Mr. St-Germain.

Never without his jacket

The quick response and the liveliness of the people on the spot saved, ensures Francis Brisebois, communications coordinator of the ambulance service Dessercom.

“I remember the importance of CPR training. It can save lives, as in this case, ” stresses the ambulance.

Valerie Rochefort, which included forces yesterday, did not return to the water without a life jacket.

“I hope that this story can serve as a useful lesson,” she insisted.

If it has avoided the death in extremis, not all of them have had this chance. A 3 year old child drowned yesterday in the family pool in Quebec city.

As of yesterday, the lifesaving Society, there were 30 deaths in 2020, compared to 21 at this time last year.

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