A motor driver kills himself on a motorcycle

Un pilote automobile se tue sur une moto

A few days after a motorcycle accident has claimed the life of a racing driver of Lanaudière, his childhood friend recalls that the speed should be restricted to closed circuits.

Marc-Antoine Demers, 29 years old, was riding alone on his bike on the road 341, the feast of the Epiphany, Saturday, when he went off the road and ended his race against a pole.

Of cpr have been performed on the site of the accident, but in vain.

“The motor sport is in mourning, has dropped Maxime Pelletier, also a pilot and friend of the victim.

The speed might be in question

The speed may have played a role in the loss of control, according to the Sûreté du Québec.

“I’ll be honest. We live for speed. Despite the experience, even a professional racing driver is not immune from a false movement, a mechanical problem or a defect with the asphalt. As long as it is not on a closed course, the road this is not a place for the crazy, ” warned Mr. Pelletier.

“He drove the new bike to a friend. I guess he tried it… He may be too extensive, ” continued the friend.

The latter states that Marc-Antoine Demers, the father of little Logan, was not in the habit of driving fast with his motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson.

One of which was the number 422 was a well-known face in the middle of the auto sport québec. Marc-Antoine Demers was champion of the NASCAR Sport Compact and has ran for series Sportsman Cup and Nissan Micra.

A driver involved

“It was a move of the steering wheel as a few people and he loved to deliver a good show. Marc-Antoine was very much involved in this middle, even if he had put it aside to start a business of road transport “, said Mr. Pelletier.

They had met there over 10 years ago during a race on the ice.

“For us, the races, it is a family. It was all very tightly woven. We spent our weekends at the race track of Saint
Eustache, ” he reminisced.

In memory of No. 422

A wave of sympathy messages and recalling memories with the driver has invaded the social media in the aftermath of his death.

“[It was a driver for the] emeritus of racing. Two wheels, 4 wheels, 12 wheels… [it was] not important… everything that has a motor, that is his business. Do the 2 wheels with 4 wheels or 1 wheel with 2 wheels, there were no problems. Ironically, it is on a bike that he’s leaving us “, can we read on the page Facebook of Stock Car Montreal.

His wife, Melanie, Butterfly, was too shaken by the tragedy to speak to the Newspaper.

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