A mural in support of the movement Black Lives Matter

Une murale en soutien au mouvement Black Lives Matter

A new mural in support of the movement Black Lives Matter ” has made its appearance in the corner of the rue Chambord and Mont-Royal avenue East, on The Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal.

The two artists behind the wall fifteen meters can be grouped under the name of the naughty boys (@salesmomesmtl). Tshokrodile and Louis Letters also work separately. In addition to being artistic partners, the painters share their love life and wish to be appointed under their pseudonym.

The aim behind this unique piece under the theme of Black Lives Matter is a message of support to people who have experienced acts of racism in Quebec. “Normally, one is not very involved in our mural. But for [the social cause] we felt the need to spread the message and support the cause,” says Louis Letters.

The two designers of training have offered to paint the wall of a non-profit basis by assuming the costs of the paint. “We don’t want to take the place of a person [Black]. There are many activists who have been victims of this kind of thing. We want to support the movement, we went to the event, we saw the good vibrations (sic) that there was and then we wanted the shot to be involved this way,” says Tshokrodile.


Completed on 22 June, the mural took two days to paint. “It’s still a big wall, Océanne (Tshokrodile) made two people, and I also made two. So it’s more work than usual,” explains Louis Letters.

Their particular style mixing typography who take inspirations of tag and graffiti that are the signature of Louis Letters. “Océanne (Tshokrodile) focuses more on the illustrations. It’s fact that our two styles agree really well, it makes a beautiful unity,” says the designer.

Participation in the Festival WALL

Tshokrodile and Louis Letters performed, solo, the Festival WALL in the portion of temporary art which is called CorridArt. It is 12 artists who paint on wood panels.

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