A murderer could end his life in jail

Un meurtrier pourrait finir sa vie en taule

A murderer who re-offends in prison believing to be caught in a pedophile could well finish his days in prison, as the Crown claims that he has to wait 18 more years before we can hope to be released.

“Christian Pepin wants to just get it over with quickly,” explained his lawyer Kaven Morasse, Thursday at the palais de justice of Montreal.

The 38-years old man is a murderer who does not conceal his hatred of child molesters. And according to his words, this is what had prompted him to kill his mother and his grandmother in 2017.

“This family has values not good,” he said, accusing his mother of abuse and violence in his childhood, and his grand-mother to have kept silent.

His relatives had, however, denied all these allegations.

Not a pedophile

Pepin had been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for at least 25 years. But just before being returned to cell, he had been warned that if he saw a pedophile in custody, he was going to kill him.

This is exactly what happened when he murdered the dangerous offender Keven Paillé, in the penitentiary of Saint-Anne-des-Plaines, in Laurentides, in April 2018.

Pepin was convinced that he was a paedophile, but this was not the case.

As for the death of her mother and her grandmother, Pepin did not parade. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, which automatically leads to life in prison. It remains only to determine the minimum period to be served before being eligible for parole.

However, the Crown wants this 18-year period adds up to that Glitch was scooped off for the murders of his mother and his grandmother. This would mean that Pip would have to wait until the age of 69 years before we can hope to be free.

His counsel pleading that the sentences should not be added to.

Die in the gym

The parties plead in the fall. But regardless of the outcome, Glitch seems convinced that he will die in prison, and not necessarily of old age.

“It’s going to maybe be in the gym,” he said, laughing, during a court hearing.

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