A musical balm for the holidays

A musical balm for the holidays

For many, Christmas is synonymous with happiness, magic and celebration. But for others, it is a melancholy and sometimes even difficult time. This second group, Mélissa Bédard was already part of it. She understands them. And today she dedicates her very first virtual Christmas concert to them.

“I thought a lot about the elderly, or people who are alone during the holidays. It is a time that can be so daunting in normal times, so it is twice as much in a pandemic. My goal is to change their ideas for the time of a show, to put a balm on their hearts, ”says the singer in an interview at the Newspaper.

Difficult Christmases, Mélissa Bédard has known them. The death of her mother, which occurred suddenly when the singer was only 10 years old, darkened her holidays for many years.

It was when she became a mother in her turn that she finally regained a taste for celebrations.

“When I was young I used to tell Santa that I didn’t want presents, that I just wanted him to bring me my mom. I have lived beautiful Christmases since I have my children, before they were tarnished by this absence. It’s the magic of the holidays, but when you’re missing such a big chunk, it’s duller, ”she says.

Hope and comfort

In short, she is very well placed to understand those who need a little comfort in these difficult times.

She therefore sorted through the greatest holiday classics, keeping in mind a very specific guideline: prioritize comforting and hopeful tunes. She therefore revisits, in the company of choristers and a handful of musicians, the Santa is coming tonight, I saw mama kiss Santa Claus and others Small Santa traditional, but also the immortal Hallelujah, borrowed from Leonard Cohen.

And, it should be noted, ticket holders for this virtual concert will be able to watch it whenever they want, starting on Tuesday, but also as often as they wish, until January 6 inclusive.

Back to the academy

Once the holidays are over, the singer will begin a year 2021 which promises to be very busy. Several projects must be silenced for the moment, but a certain contract was revealed at the beginning of the month.

Nine years after having been revealed there, Mélissa Bédard will therefore take up the path of Star Academy, this time within the special squad formed for the occasion. In this new role – which she will share with Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais – the singer will ensure the bridge between the public and the new cohort of academics by visiting the families, friends and fans of these potential stars.

And who knows, maybe she will have the opportunity to give some advice to the new residents of the Academy.

“I especially wish I could tell them to take full advantage of their time on the show. It goes so quickly, it’s easy to get carried away by the whirlwind. But me, I took the time every day to remind myself that I was lucky to be part of this adventure, ”she says.

Tickets for Mélissa Bédard’s Christmas concert are now available on the singer’s website (www.melissabedard.com) and that of the Point of sale (www.lepointdevente.com).

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