A mysterious cat killer terrorizes a town in Great Britain

A mysterious cat killer terrorizes a town in Britain


Pet owners have appealed for help in an attempt to unmask a mysterious cat killer who allegedly poisoned 13 felines in a town in Wales, according to the Daily Mail. 

This is the case with Binx, Leanne Shaw's three-year-old cat. 

Seeing him lying outside in pain one day, Mrs Shaw decides to rush him to the vet, but it was already too late. 

According to the autopsy, the cat died after being poisoned with antifreeze liquid. 

Leanne Shaw became suspicious when two other cats died in the same way in the vicinity.

The lady claims she was contacted by five other cat owners saying having experienced the same situation with their feline. 

At the moment, 13 cats are said to have died in a “very small area of ​​Flint”.

“These incidents are extremely sad and upsetting and we express our sympathy to the owners of the cats who lost their lives. We ask pet owners in the area to be vigilant,” a spokesperson for North Wales Police said.