A nanny back… in a musical !

Une nounou d'enfer de retour... en comédie musicale !

A nanny comes back in musical comedy !

While the mode of making reboots a thing, remakes and other revivals were in full swing in Hollywood, this is not the tv as the cult series the nanny is going to make his grand return : the creators of the sitcom (including Fran Drescher, who was also the main actress) prepare an adaptation in musical comedy ! Rachel Bloom, star and co-creator of the series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, involved in the project.

Broadcast between 1993 and 1999 in the United States, A nanny has rocked the childhood of many people in the world. In 2018, Fran Drescher, who played the role of Fran, the nanny of the show, announced that a new project was in preparation. “We are currently working on a very big project. It should be very exciting for the fans, but I do not have the possibility to announce anything for the moment. But this is going to be huge,” told the actress. We had no news of the project… until yesterday !

The musical comedy the nanny approach

Therefore, it is not the tv that A nanny will come back, but on Broadway. Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson, the creators of the series, are in the midst of writing a musical comedy have announced this Wednesday, January 8, 2020 the project’s producers, Brian and Scott Zeilinger. For the moment, we do not know details on this future show, except that the songs will be written by Rachel Bloom and Adam Schlesinger. Known for his role in” Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, where she sang, Rachel Bloom will take care of the words while Adam Schlesinger wrote the music. The actress had won an Emmy Award in 2019 for the music of his series, which ended in 2019.

A new nanny to come

Do not expect to find Fran Drescher on stage : the actress confirmed she would not resume his role. “I would do well myself but it would need to change the title in The Granny (which means grand-mother, the original title of the series was The Nanny, editor’s note)” has entrusted the star. “We are confident we will find a fabulous actress who is funny, charming and with a great voice” explained the creators of the nanny , in a press release.

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