A NASA satellite has spotted something unexplained: photo

In a neighboring galaxy discovered a mysterious light, the nature of which scientists are not clear

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Спутник NASA заметил нечто неподдающееся объяснению: фото

Scientists have tried to explain the nature of inexplicable glow

X-ray Observatory NASA’s NuSTAR discovered something strange. While shooting the Fireworks galaxy (NGC 6946) satellite detected a mysterious bright source in x-rays, which looked like a green blur. The strange thing is, just a few days the glow faded as unprecedented.

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About their research, NASA scientists published in the journal Astrophysical Journal, where they tried to answer the unexplained source of light, which by the standards of the Universe have disappeared for the moment is unnatural for space objects.

The main purpose of the NuSTAR observations was the study of supernovae – explosions of massive stars in the galaxy Fireworks (the photo looks blue spots). During the first observation no foreign objects were observed. However, 10 days during the second recording on pictures emerged a strange green glow that is similar to the ultraluminous x-ray source (ULX). Later, another space telescope, x-ray Observatory “Chandra”, looked at the same area and found that the object, called ULX-4, disappeared.

Спутник NASA заметил нечто неподдающееся объяснению: фото

Green glow in the Fireworks galaxy (speck at the bottom), which disappeared after 10 days

“10 days is a very short period of time for the emergence of such a large object. As a rule, such objects do not disappear over the years. Looks like we found a totally new source, changing very quickly, which is very interesting for science,” explains researcher and lead author of the study NASA Hannah Earnshaw.

It is possible that the light came from a black hole absorbing a tiny object like a neutron star, the study said. When objects are too close to the black hole, they can rupture under the force of gravity, and their “debris” stretched to its close orbit around the black hole. Material on the inner edge of the disc moves so fast that it “is heated to millions of degrees and radiates x-rays”, explains NASA.

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Most ultraluminous x-ray sources last long, because they are formed by dense objects such as black holes that “eat” a star for a long time. Short-lived x-ray sources such as this one ULX-4, not so common, so their appearance can be explained by a scenario such as a black hole, quickly Deplete the little star.

We will remind that earlier astronomers have shown the form of our galaxy, curve and twisted. Also recently astronomers have discovered a strange flash in the center of our galaxy.

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Спутник NASA заметил нечто неподдающееся объяснению: фото

Спутник NASA заметил нечто неподдающееся объяснению: фото

Спутник NASA заметил нечто неподдающееся объяснению: фото


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