A national holiday is not like the others

Une fête nationale pas comme les autres

The fête nationale du Québec, this year, will remain in the annals. Organized in the midst of a pandemic, the celebration will be held on June 23, without the usual gathering of thousands of people and will be broadcast for the first time on the four major networks in quebec. “This will probably be a Saint-Jean that will go down in history “, said the co-host of the evening, Pierre Lapointe.

A few weeks ago, at the height of the pandemic, one could wonder if the great spectacle of the national day of Quebec was to take place this year. The festivals had all been cancelled for the summer season and we wondered how we could celebrate the Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Pierre Lapointe

And then, the specials A chance that it is a and that of the Mother’s day d’live of the universe presented in the beginning of may demonstrated that we could deliver a quality product without an audience and respecting the requirements of the public health.

It is therefore a national holiday almost behind closed doors, in the Amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivières, which will be organized on 23 June. More than 40 artists will participate, in addition to three symphony orchestras (Orchestre Métropolitain, Montreal symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Estuary).

Ariane Moffatt

“I am certain that the party will be extraordinary in spite of the physical absence of the public,” said Pierre Lapointe, who co-host the show with Ariane Moffatt. […] The concert that we will present will truly be like a mega feast. We are going to do good throughout the world as a whole. “

“Maybe it will help people to live it in a more “inner”, precisely ? asks Ariane Moffatt. It is certain that you can’t compare this year to a Saint-Jean outside in front of public. But we’ll all be at flower of skin, so “good public” (laughter).

Didier Lucien

The spokesperson of the 186th edition of the fête nationale du Québec, Didier Lucien, expecting for him to be ” a show responsible and exceptional “.

Human warmth

The Journal asked a few artists who will take part in the grand spectacle on the kind of evening they have come to expect.

Lara Fabian

For Lara Fabian, this is the opportunity to give the audience the best show with the greatest warmth possible. “

Roch Voisine

Roch Voisine recognizes that this spectacle without an audience and with separation physical will be a major challenge. “But it is still good, the challenges of this kind ! It allows to surpass oneself, non ? “

Fred Pellerin

For Fred Pellerin, it will certainly the proximity and the immense fire of joy, during the evening. “But I mainly think that there will be an additional meaning and values added to this edition of the national festival. “

David Goudreault

“To know that the large crowd behind these cameras and the side of the Saint-Jean will add a certain solemnity to the event,” says author David Goudreault. It’s going to give it a particular stamp. “

Richard Séguin

Richard Séguin is convinced that, despite the distancing, ” we’re here to sing the province of Quebec. As said by Gilles Vigneault : “The song, it is the voice immense who speaks in the name of the human heart” “.

Marie Michèle Desrosiers

Questioned at its output a rehearsal for the show, Marie Michèle Desrosiers noted that the heat ” to flow between musicians, technicians, production team and artists. I think that the viewers will experience it all with us “.

Émile Bilodeau

“For me, it is a show that will breathe in the good mood,” concludes Emile Bilodeau.

The great spectacle of the national day of Quebec, All of Quebec, in unison, will be broadcast on TVA, Radio-Canada, V and Tele-Quebec on the 23rd of June, 20 h. For all the details : fetenationale.quebec.

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