A network and a community … healthy!

The institutions of the Université du Québec network develop original and relevant niches of excellence in the field of health and social services. Through their interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach, they are working to provide Quebeckers with an improved health system!

In partnership with their communities, network institutions use a global and integrated approach to health. Thus, they look at both the basic mechanisms of health, but also its psychological, social, economic or environmental dimensions.

“We count on a strong link with the clinical and community environments,” notes Julie Houle, a professor in the Department of Nursing at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. These affiliations and partnerships involve integrated university health and social services centers (CIUSSS), affiliated university institutes and hospitals, youth centers, rehabilitation centers and community organizations. They offer privileged places for internships, but also for research projects. ”

Meeting the Needs
By offering several short and specialized programs to 1 st and 2 th cycle, the institutions of the University of Quebec take part in continuous training health professionals all over Quebec. They offer training in response to the needs of the professional orders and the different working environments concerned.

Some institutions have also set up health and social services clinics. Open to the university community and the general public, these clinics offer quality, easy-to-access services while providing students with hands-on training under the supervision of professors and professionals in the field.

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