A network of traffickers linked to the Hells Angels dismantled

A network of traffickers linked to the Hells Angels dismantled

The ENERCO squad against organized crime made about twenty arrests in connection with drug trafficking early Tuesday morning in Beauce, Quebec and Portneuf, although the members of the Hells Angels who would be at the head of the organization have been spared for the time being.

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At around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, the National Organized Crime Repression Squad (ENERCO) made 17 arrests as part of an operation called Palefroi. The investigation, which began in January 2019, was notably marked by searches that took place on September 1 in the Quebec City region.

By this time, the police had broken into a dozen residences, including those of some important members of the Hells Angels of the Quebec chapter. The sleuths notably went to Marc “Marco” Roberge in Stoneham as well as to Martin “Gros Gam” Gamache in Val-Bélair, where a Hells Angels jacket had been seized.

However, neither of these two individuals was the subject of charges among the people who appeared Tuesday in Quebec and Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce. Sylvain Marcotte, a “prospect” who would have gained ground while the investigation was taking place, had also seen his residence be searched in St-Gilbert, in Portneuf, last September.

Marcotte was arrested without a warrant on Tuesday morning, but was not charged in connection with the ENERCO strike. However, his name appears in the list of persons with whom the accused cannot come into contact during the proceedings.

The majority of arrests took place in Beauce, where a dozen individuals appeared for drug trafficking, conspiracy and possession of prohibited weapons, in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce In Quebec, four individuals appeared, in particular for trafficking of narcotics, before being released. Arrests also took place in Montreal and Gatineau.

A sum of $ 415,000 in cash, several drugs including four kilos of cocaine, eight firearms, and six Hells Angels vests were seized. The National Organized Crime Repression Squad, ENERCO, has the mission of directly attacking the leaders of organized crime, in particular the Hells Angels.


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