A new complaint for sexual violence against Marilyn Manson dismissed

A new sexual violence complaint against Marilyn Manson dismissed


Marilyn Manson sees a new complaint against him dismissed. 

His ex, Ashley Smithline, with whom he dated in the year 2010 , had filed a complaint against him in 2021 for sexual abuse and assault.

According to People, the complainant did not announce in time to the court whether she would represent herself. even face justice, or if she would call on a new lawyer, after the abandonment of her legal representative, Jay Ellwanger. However, the complaint is closed “without prejudice”, which means that the model will be able to file a complaint against the rocker again if she wishes.

Marilyn Manson is still accused of sexual abuse and violence by Esmé Bianco, as well as her assistant Ashley Walters. Another complaint had been dropped at the end of 2021 for prescription.

His ex-fiancée, Evan Rachel Wood, had accused him of rape in his documentary Phoenix Rising. Marilyn Manson sued her for defamation last year.