A new concept of beauty salon

A new concept of beauty salon

Cécile Potevin proud of her journey.

Since January 25, a new beauty institute has opened in the Gazelle district with a name reminiscent of travel and escape, Escale des Sens. For its founder, Cécile Potevin, well-being is her life project, as a matter of course! From a trip to Tahiti, she has a sweet memory that changed her perception of true human values. "There, people have a mindset of living in the present moment", explains the young woman. So, after more than twenty years as a salesperson for a French company in the field of office design and supplies, she gave up her apron and worked hard on this project. The forty-year-old is determined and does not hesitate to return to school to obtain the necessary diplomas.

Since 2021, she has been building her project stone by stone, ground floor of the family home where she grew up. Her partner and her two little daughters encourage her even if it hasn't been a smooth ride. "I am very lucky, my partner, my family and my friends helped and supported me a lot in this project. My brother-in-law did everything inside, my sister helped me with my website, my brother did the exterior arrangements. Today, my little girls' outlook has changed, because they see me more fulfilled and more cheerful, they are happy. And it makes me feel good and encourages me even more."

But you have to make a place here in Nîmes where there are no less than 400 beautician salons. So, in addition to traditional facial and body treatments, and massages, to stand out, Cécile created a space "well-being" equipped with a jacuzzi and accommodation that can accommodate 4 people for a weekend by reservation on the Airbnb platform. His wish is that people who come here escape, like a parenthesis, like a stopover in their daily lives…

Escale des Sens Institut, 612 Montée des Alpins , Such. 07 61 11 57 71. Email: escaledessens@outlook.fr. Website www.escaledessens.com. Open from Monday 3 p.m. to Friday 1 p.m.

Midi Libre Correspondent: 06 60 64 81 95

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