A new edition of “the Bachelor 9”: a potential mother-in-law to give Nikita the brain stem

Новый выпуск "Холостяк 9": потенциальные тещи устроят Никите вынос мозга

the star of the reality show “the Bachelor” Nikita Dobrynin

Dating show “the Bachelor 9” is increasingly gaining momentum in the new issue of the main character learns the reality of the participants from the other side.

In the tenth edition of “the Bachelor 9” Nikita will meet with the parents of the participants. Each family of the girl tried as best as possible to take the daughter with a potential son-in-law. However, not all travelers will be held as might be desired participants.

Новый выпуск "Холостяк 9": потенциальные тещи устроят Никите вынос мозга

Lily is lucky to meet a Bachelor with his parents in the Dnieper. Nikita will be the first man that she meet his family. But the meeting with her parents will embarrass her husband, they immediately begin to joke about her daughter, and MAKITA will not know how to treat this.

“I didn’t know how to react. It was a very sharp sense of humor,” commented Nikita.

And that’s not all “pleasant” surprises for Nikita. During a private conversation with the Bachelor’s sister and mother Lily are so Frank that tells him about the carelessness of the girl and her inability to show feelings.

To discover with your family the Marina will carry him to his native city of Krolevets. The girl’s parents admit that they worry about what their daughter too much time at work and no time to deal with personal life.

“I don’t want him to have the impression that in addition to the work I do not represent from itself”, – says Marina.

The native of Sofia, during a meeting with Nikita makes her blush, telling the Bachelor, embarrassing stories from her childhood. But her parents prepared for Nikita a few tests to check whether he is worthy of their daughter. And reveal some of its secrets, what shocked the girl.

“I wanted to tell it later. I was in shock, because I didn’t know how he’ll react,” the upset of the Dasha.

Новый выпуск "Холостяк 9": потенциальные тещи устроят Никите вынос мозга

After all these situations, the ceremony of roses Nikita say goodbye to one of the girls and call with the names of those whom dare to meet his family.

We will remind, this year the place of the Bachelor took the presenter Nikita Dobrynin.

What is the main difference between the current Bachelor of heroes of the past, what girl is able to conquer his heart and why couples break up after the end of the project to all these questions is “Know.ia” said the permanent host of the reality Grigoriy Reshetnik.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, Nikita Dobrynin has changed the rules of the show “the Bachelor 9”.

Also Know As.ia revealed unknown facts about participating in the project “the Bachelor 9”.


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