A new encouraging…

Une nouvelle encourageante...

The cinema owners are looking forward to welcoming more spectators to their rooms from 3 August. For Vincent Guzzo, the government’s announcement sends a positive message and a reassuring moviegoers of the province.

“I think it is a way of saying to the population that the cinemas are not a risk area, that it is safe to go there and that it was all well-respected hygiene since we opened our doors three weeks ago, stressed the president of Cinemas Guzzo.

“It will also give us a good boost for the rest of the summer. With a cap of 250 fans per session, we are one step closer to a return to normal. “

Lack of new features

He is also glad to see the maximum number of spectators from 50 to 250, the president of the Corporation of the cinema du Québec, Éric Bouchard, does not hide that he would like to have more new products to their offer.

“Usually at this time of the year, there have been several american movies in the poster, reveals Mr. Bouchard. This is not the case this year because of the pandemic. It is hoped that this announcement by the government will encourage distributors to go out of the new movies this summer. “

Same sound of bell on the side of Robin Plamondon, co-owner and general manager of the cinema The Clap, Quebec city : “The possibility to have more seats to offer to our clients is a step in the right direction, but the main issue for our industry is access to new products. As the markets of California, Florida and New York will not be re-opened, several new products will remain with the release date unknown. We must exercise patience and creativity in the meantime. “

-With the collaboration of Cédric Bélanger

What they said

Sarah Castonguay

If it is an ad that may encourage the producers to the fall, they will come back to see us and that they can be able to make performances, it would be nice. “

Sarah Castonguay, golden Lion

Élisabeth Farinacci

For us it was a sine qua non condition to start to rethink our programming. However, many unknowns remain, especially in regard to the profitability of our shows in a gauge reduced. “

Élisabeth Farinacci, Théâtre Le Diamant

François Duchesne

The flow of visitors will remain at 80 visitors/hour for the exhibits, but it’s going to change our capacity for corporate events and private for which we do not accept, to this day, that a maximum of 50 people. “

François Duchesne, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Anne Dubé

We presented yesterday evening, our first show since the 12 march, in front of 48 spectators. With the increase, we’ll be able to get to 82 spectators. It becomes more interesting. “

Anne Dubé, director general of the Theatre du Petit-Champlain

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