A “new kid” experience

Un «petit nouveau» d’expérience

Twenty-five years after making his debut on stage, Laurie Leblanc, “clock” starts at zero “. It is now going to a new market, launching its first original album in English.

“The English-language market, it is another world completely. I arrived there as a new boy, ” says the singer acadien, in interview to the Newspaper.

“But what is most weird is that I’m launching the biggest project of my career… without being able to make shows. I have never done my job for the money, I do it because it is my passion. So I do not stress too much with it all, ” he adds.

Influences English

Laurie Leblanc was beautiful to his first steps in this ” other world “, it is far from a novice. The one who rolling his hump solo for 10 years now has first had its hour of glory in different formations, including Zarico, which he founded at the turn of the millennium.

An original album in English has always been in the cards ; his childhood was rocked by the songs of Charlie Pride, Kenny Rogers and Alan Jackson that his parents enouraged particularly. Is simply a matter of finding the right opportunity and the right partners.

Rascal Flatts and BSB

This is what he has found in the author-composer irish Don Mescall, met at the country Festival of Issoudun, in France. If the name is not familiar, his words are likely to ; it has contributed to the repertoires of big names like Rascal Flatts, Backstreet Boys and Boyzone.

“I didn’t know him when I met him. He told me that he loved my voice and that he would like to offer me songs. Shortly after, I got a twenty. I have chosen six for my album, ” says Laurie Leblanc.

The album When It’s Right It’s Right, is currently on the market.

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