A new king for YouTube, towards a good tourist vintage, a summer hit made in Sète… the essential news in the region

A new king for YouTube, towards a good tourist vintage, a summer hit made in Sète... the essential news in the region

A king of YouTube, a summer hit… And the eternal Pont du Gard is in the main news this Monday, May 27. MAXPPP and Midi Libre Archives

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Tibo InShape, new king of YouTube

#TARN. Tibo InShape, real name Thibaud Delapart, became the leading French influencer at the age of 32 with 18.9 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He took first place from his rival Squeezie, who took a break to avoid burnout. The Tarnais has made itself popular by focusing on the cult of performance and surpassing oneself. A fan of bodybuilding, he films his training sessions, in his gym in Albi, from every angle. But he also specialized in immersive reports to show unattractive professions. So much so that many professional sectors are calling on him, even the government which put him on the scene in 2019 – with Gabriel Attal – to promote the Universal National Service (SNU). The influencer is however divisive, sometimes overtaken by comments deemed too conservative or very clumsy in short videos broadcast on TikTok. "badbuzz" which did not prevent him from continuing his rise and making his fortune.

Tourism: towards a good vintage 2024

#GARD. 10.1 million tourists – including 38 % coming from abroad –, 28 million overnight stays, 4.4 million visitors to sites and monuments… The year 2023 was a good year for Gard tourism. 2024 could be even better, after a 36% increase in attendance in May and satisfactory booking levels for the season and 40% higher in September from the Cévennes to the sea. Not neutral in this department where the sector is the third economic pillar after agriculture and industry. To do even better, Gard Tourisme has unveiled its new communication campaign "Le Gard, le Sud", whose objective "is to provide a geographical benchmark& ;quot; and cause "the famous wow effect !"

"Darling, I love you", the summer hit made in Sète ?< /h2>

#MUSIC "Crazy Sax" is back. After touring all winter in ski resorts, the famous Sète saxophonist Fred Karato, who made himself known in 2003 with the title Saxo shared with DJ Laurent Wolf, released a new piece that He hopes it will become the hit of the summer. He modernized the song, popularized in the 60s by Bob Azam, Chéri, je t’aime, in a duet with the American Kimberly. "A voice like Tina Turner who has a great American accent when she sings", enthuses the musician. Already available on specialized platforms (Deezer, Spotify…), the title is starting to be covered by radio stations or DJ’s. Fred Karato will play it in Sète for Saint-Louis.

Today's number: 500M€

#MONTPELLIER. This is, since its creation in 2014, the amount collected by Enerfip, the d& rsquo;participatory investment dedicated to energy transition projects. The Hérault-based company of 45 employees allows savers to invest "of 10 € several hundred thousand euros", with an average yield "of 7 % to 9 % per year". In ten years, 437 projects (photovoltaic, wind, etc.) have seen the light of day. Objective, in view of Enerfip's growth: to reach one billion by 2026.

Alert at the Henri-IV school campus

#OCCCITANIE. Fright, this Monday morning at the Henri-IV school campus, when the siren interrupted classes. "We thought it was an intrusion, we stayed 20 minutes under the tables", says Inès, first grade student. Middle and high school students were then evacuated and gathered by the police in front of Saint-Nazaire Cathedral. It was in fact a bomb threat which required the installation of the device. A dog brigade then came into action to carry out checks and classes were canceled for the day. No explosive devices were found.

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