A new measure to help your loved ones

A new measure to help your loved ones


A person you know is having trouble completing certain procedures and needs help? Since November 1st, a new aid measure is available: the assistance measure. It allows your loved one to request that you officially act as an assistant.

Your loved one is experiencing a difficulty

Thanks to the assistance measure, you will be able to support your loved one in several areas of their life. You can, for example, help him manage his budget, call organizations on his behalf or accompany him to his appointments with professionals.

To benefit from the assistance measure , your loved one must understand the scope of this measure and be able to choose the person who will assist them.

Several difficulties can motivate the choice to have recourse to the assistance measure. For example, if your loved one is aging or losing their autonomy. Or if your loved one has a mild intellectual disability or mental health problems or lives with a physical limitation: visual, auditory, motor, etc.

What you can do< /strong>

As an assistant, you are the official intermediary for your loved one. For example, with businesses, government departments, organizations or professionals (lawyers, chartered accountants, financial advisors, doctors, etc.).

You act according to the wishes and preferences of your loved one and to their request.

You could for example:

  • communicate with his financial institution to understand certain transactions on his account,
  • transmit information to government agencies,
  • call their cable service to change their package,
  • advise your loved one about their expenses.

However, as a assistant, you cannot, for example, sign documents in place of your loved one, such as a lease or a sales contract, or make decisions in their place.

A new measure to help your loved ones

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