A new project of disgraced Director Bohemian Rhapsody froze

Новый проект опального режиссера Богемской рапсодии  заморозили

Stop work on the project occurred against the backdrop of Egorevskoe sex scandal surrounding Bryan singer.

The film Studio Millennium Films has suspended work on the film Red Sonja, the Director of which is Bryan singer. This happened on the background of the scandal that erupted around the film-maker, accused of relationship with a minor. This writes to Deadline.

The Director was not officially suspended from work on Red Sonja, but in a statement, the company States that it may not be suitable for the film at this stage.

Future fantasy Thriller was in the job for ten years, and the start of shooting was scheduled for this year in Bulgaria. However, the company noted that it will not happen. It is also known that until now were not picked up by the cast for the film.

Controversial material about the Singer published edition of the Atlantic. It shows the words of several men who claim abuse by the Director, when he was still a minor.

Earlier it was reported that the Director of Bohemian Rhapsody was deprived of the nomination for the BAFTA because of allegations of sexual abuse.

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