A new species of spider was named after the stormtroopers from Star wars

Новый вид пауков назвали в честь штурмовиков из "Звездных войн"

In the territory of Colombia was discovered spiders, which has never previously met none. At the same time, six of the eight discovered species are new to science.

We studied eight species found in Colombia spiders, who have never met in these places. Six of them were new to science. Four of these six were combined into a new genus, which received its name in honor of the stormtroopers from “Star wars” – Stormtropis,” says Carlos Perafan, the employee of the national University in Uruguay, writes the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to planet-today.ru.

The scientist says spiders was named after the Imperial stormtroopers from Star Wars for their almost identical appearance of the different species resemble each other like twins.

A new genus Stormtropis consists of types Stormtropis parvum, Stormtropis colima, Stormtropis paisa and Stormtropis muisca.

The latter species holds the record for altitude above sea level of the spider found in the Central part of the Andes, at an altitude of 3400 meters.

All discovered in Colombia, the spiders belong to the family barotropically (Paratropididae) is a very mysterious representatives of the infraorder tarantulas, which are characterized, for example, “strange behaviour” (what exactly are the weird spiders – scientists did not specify).


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