A new step for Antoine Olivier Pilon

Une nouvelle étape pour Antoine Olivier Pilon

Accustomed up here to the roles of the teens, Antoine Olivier Pilon reaches a new milestone in his career by slipping into the skin of an ex-junkie jailed by mistake in Thailand in the political thriller, Suspect number one. In this film inspired by a true story, the young actor gifted endorse not only his first true character of the adult, but he also plays for the first time in English.

Fuel challenges since the beginning of his career, Antoine Olivier Pilon likes to choose roles that do not resemble each other and which force him out of his comfort zone. A few years ago, after having often played boys models, he did not hesitate to dive into the complex character and explosive of Steve, a teenager suffering from ADHD in the film Mommy by Xavier Dolan. Two years later, he surprised again by interpreting a young rider a victim of bullying at her school in the drama 1:54 of Yan England.

At the age of 23, Antoine Olivier Pilon bounces even where it wasn’t expected. In the thriller Suspect number one, the young actor plays a drug addict who is arrested for drug trafficking in Thailand after being involved in spite of himself in an operation of the RCMP, which has gone wrong. The movie is based on a real fact experienced by the Quebec Alain Olivier.

“Slowly slowly, one starts to take me more into consideration for older characters,” says Antoine Olivier Pilon, adding that it will also play a role more mature in the drama Maria Chapdelaine, which is currently filming.

“I think it’s fun. I feel like the bridge between my adolescence and being an adult in this environment. And it opens me many more opportunities as an actor. “

The role’s main Suspect number one , however, was far from being won in advance, Antoine Olivier Pilon. Before you see it in audition, the film’s director, Daniel Roby (Louis Cyr, Funkytown), was confident that he would be too young for the character.

“I was coming back from a trip to Tanzania for the issuance From otherwise when I was called for the hearing, tells the actor. I had shaved the hair for the trip and the chance made that it has helped me for the role. When I entered the room, Daniel [Roby] launched me : “Hey, it changes you completely !” I was very stressed because, usually, when I have a hearing in English, I see a coach to help me prepare. Except that, I didn’t have the time to do it. But in the end, it went very well and I connected with Daniel immediately. “

Shooting in English

Even if he has a few lines in French in the film, Antoine Olivier Pilon has turned the vast majority of his scenes in English. Quebec has had the chance to play alongside the american actor Josh Hartnett. The latter embodies in the film the journalist Victor Malarek, who had lifted the veil on this miscarriage of justice.

In the film, the american actor Josh Hartnett lends its features to the journalist Victor Malarek.

“The first scene I shot with Josh, it was the one where his character comes to see me in prison,” recalls the actor of Mommy and Major Junior. At the beginning, I was a little nervous about playing with someone of his status. I was hoping also that my English is up to par. But the first session we had together was so pleasant, that it reassured me. Josh is a guy of very down-to-earth, which is held away from the stardom american. “

Antoine Olivier Pilon has also taken a lot of fun to play in scenes of action : “With this film, my desire to do stunts and my need to play physically have been filled, he says, laughing. We had three days of rehearsals, and choreography for a scene of a fight in a prison in thailand. It was super hard, but I am super happy with the result. I loved doing it. “

International career

Antoine Olivier Pilon does not hide that he would like to see the output of Suspect number one can serve as a springboard for his career abroad. Distributed internationally by the giant Universal, the film needs to take the poster to the United States (and possibly elsewhere in the world) later this summer.

“Obviously I hope that with this movie, there are new doors that will open, admits the actor, who has already generated interest abroad after the release of Mommy, in 2014. I like the idea of working in another language with players and teams from other countries. But at the same time, I also love working on film sets in Quebec because we have among us a spirit of family that we find can be less elsewhere. The most important thing for me, it remains to choose projects that fascinate me and for that, I do have a lot of confidence in life. ”

The film Suspect number one (Target Number One) will be appearing on Friday, July 10.


Inspired from real facts

In the thriller Suspect number one, Antoine Olivier Pilon plays an ex-drug addict who has had to spend more than eight years in a prison in thailand after being involved in spite of himself in an operation of the RCMP, which has gone wrong.

Interpret a role inspired by a real person is always a challenge for an actor. For Suspect number one, Antoine Olivier Pilon has had the opportunity to prepare for alongside the man who inspired the character he plays in the film.

This man is Alain Olivier, a former drug addict from quebec who has been wrongfully convicted in 1991 for heroin trafficking. Olivier, who has spent more than eight years in prison thai (1989 to 1997), has always proclaimed his innocence, saying it was trapped by the Royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) in an operation that went wrong.

Director Daniel Roby, who has worked for more than 12 years on this film, has changed the name of the character (he is called Daniel Lightweight in the film) to give more freedom on the plane dramatic. But the history of Suspect number one is beautiful and well that of Alain Olivier and that of the journalist Victor Malarek, who has conducted an investigation and lifted the veil on this matter.

“It has been a great privilege to have been able to meet Alain Olivier and spend time with him before and during the shooting of the film, says Antoine Olivier Pilon. In the part of the film which takes place in Thailand, there are scenes where my character smokes heroin. However, I did not know at all what it looked like, a junkie who smokes heroin. The only reference that I had, these are scenes from the film Trainspotting. So I sat down with Alain to give me details on how it goes. It helped me a lot to bring credibility to these scenes.

“Alain was really cool. For the portions of the film that were shot in Montreal, he accompanied us on the plateau and it helped me a lot by telling stories of what had happened. “

“An important film “

In an interview in the past year, podcast Narcos PQ QUB Radio, Alain Olivier has expressed a desire that the output of this film will force the canadian court to admit that he has been trapped by the RCMP.

“The film is super important to him, says Antoine Olivier Pilon. Because of this case, Alain Olivier spent eight years of his life in a prison in Thailand, where the life expectancy for prisoners is only six years old. He told me amazing stories about what he experienced there. The release of the film will allow him to share a small fragment of all that he has lived. It will pacify a lot.

“For me, it is also an important film because it shows that there are errors that are also in our system of government and that people can suffer. And this story proves that the truth always ends by bursting. ”



Suspect number one will be the first film in québec to take the big screen after the re-opening of cinemas. In the current context, it is difficult to predict if the moviegoers will be present in large numbers in the rooms. But Antoine Olivier Pilon is delighted to be able to participate in his own way to the revival cinemas.

“I think it’s fun because it gives us a little hope in the idea of a return to a routine more familiar to where you can afford to go to the cinema for a change of ideas,” he says.

The actor is convinced that with the rules imposed by the public health, moviegoers will be safe in the halls. For the moment, the cinemas are required to meet a limit of 50 people per room, and to impose a distance of 1.5 m between the spectators. “I believe that with the measures that have been put in place, it will almost be safer to go to the cinema than go to the grocery store. In my opinion, there is no reason to be afraid of going to the cinema. “

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