A new team of parents has taken over at the school

A new team of parents has taken over at the school

Sébastien Sagnol (au centre) lors du vide-grenier organisé par les parents d’élèves.

L’école François- Mitterrand compte 286 élèves, et 30 parents mobilisés.

As time goes by and new students arrive, the parent teams also come and go. This was the case at the start of the 2023 school year at the François-Mitterrand school in Malbosc. Except that there were no parents left from the previous team because their children had left middle school for high school! As a result, from September, a whole new team of parents was formed to take over and quickly implement some initiatives.

"Everyone can do it"

His goal was to ensure that parents are at the heart of the school's socio-cultural action. "Which has partly already been achieved", specifies Sébastien Sagnol, the new president. In fact, around thirty parents, for a total of 286 students, participate. "But we want investment from other parents, everyone can do it in the area they wish."

In the first term, parents organized a first Toy Fair entitled "Tidy your room". It was an opportunity for families to sort through games, children's/teenagers' clothing and childcare equipment… The sale was accompanied by activities for children and a snack stand.

And then over time the initiatives continued: pancakes and cakes for Mother's Day; information about everyday life; a garage sale…. Open and inclusive, the association works with the François-Mitterrand primary school. The APE3M wishes to bring together the school’s parents in a group dynamic; commit to acting in a secular and independent manner; interact with stakeholders in the school and extracurricular spheres; support educational and educational projects; provide material and financial assistance to the school; develop cultural activities…


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