A new trailer for “spider-Man: Away from home” has intrigued fans of Marvel

In the lead role – young actor Tom Holland

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Новый трейлер фильма "Человек-паук: Вдали от дома" заинтриговал поклонников Marvel

“Spider-man: Away from home”

Marvel studios the box-office success of “the Avengers 4” does not relax, and publishes new videos of future projects. So, in the network appeared the new trailer for “spider-Man: Away from home”.

The effect of the new superhero film is set after the events in “the Avengers: Finale”. In the beginning of movie starring Tom Holland warns viewers not to watch the trailer, if they haven’t seen “the Avengers: Finale”, otherwise, expect spoilers.

In the story, young Peter Parker with friends goes on summer vacation to Europe, where it was associated with the former head of governmental organization “SHIELD” Nick fury. Peter teams up with Mysterio to fight with Elementals, beings that cause natural disasters and devastation around the world.

In addition to Holland, the film also played by Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kobe Smulders’, Marisa Tomei, Samuel L. Jackson and other actors.

The premiere of the film “spider-Man: Away from home” in Ukraine, scheduled for 4 July 2019.

Earlier, the actor Tom Holland has introduced three new posters of his second solo album superhero “spider-Man: Away from home”. Also on the YouTube channel, Marvel Entertainment has a teaser trailer for the blockbuster “spider-Man: Away from home”.

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