A new travel-show “Radic on tour” after the release of

The show premiered “Radic tour” will be held on 29 July on the TV channel “Ukraine”

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Новое тревел-шоу "Родичі в турне": названа дата выхода

Objavlen leading a new travel-show “Radic tour”

July 29 at 10:30 on TV channel “Ukraine” to start the show “Radic tour” with host Gregory Herman. The production project is Film.ua.

In a new reality, two teams of two relatives of different generations will be competing for a prize of 50 thousand hryvnias, which they can spend on altruistic dream.

Gregory Herman on the set of “Family tour” – watch the video:

“Channel “Ukraine” the new territory and a new challenge. We will show our viewers the travel show on the travel, which is available to almost everyone. And, of course, will not forget about what the viewer is returned to the screen and join the channel again and again – the suspense, emotions, relationships, human values,” says creative producer of TV channel “Ukraine” Elena Kanishevskaja.

The project will introduce the viewers with a new unseen territory of Ukraine and will help to explain the different generations.

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Named host of a new travel-show “Radic tour”

“We all have parents with whom to even talk to him every day, but often lose the intimacy. The idea of the project “Radic on tour” – the exchange of experience, wisdom and modern innovation between the generations, – says the producer of the project from Film.ua Zoya Soshenko. – In our project you will see a little-known Ukraine. We will visit 8 regions, which show innovation and scenic spots, will talk about successful startups and social initiatives. To open Ukraine, to bring together not only families, but also the regions – our main goal. What the participants are prepared for the family and rapprochement, how to behave in unusual and sometimes extreme situations, you will see in the project. We really want to believe that he will be able to change the lives of not only our participants, but also the country as a whole.”

Новое тревел-шоу "Родичі в турне": названа дата выхода

The show premiered “Radic tour” will take place this summer

During the trip, participants discover new parts of Ukraine. In unfamiliar places, they will perform the original tasks, which maximizes the relationship between the family and unite them for the cause.

“This project is great because in it a family theme associated with the theme of travel, all of which I love. We also perform a social mission that is often true of children, which is particularly pleasing. 90% of the places we visited – opening both for me and for our heroes. For example, despite my fascination with cooking, it never occurred to me to go to the farm snails, which proved to be very interesting,” reveals the secrets of leading Gregory Herman.

Новое тревел-шоу "Родичі в турне": названа дата выхода

The Ukraine TV channel launches a new travel-show

Viewers will learn how to breed and grow snails in Rivne and buffaloes in Transcarpathia, will see the flowing waterfall and the biggest lake in the Carpathian mountains, as well as find out where in Ukraine to find a cheese that can compete with the Swiss in taste. But the main purpose of the teams remains a social dream, the implementation of which required the top prize.

The rights to the format belong to: Story Lab Ukraine, authors: Pavlo Cherepyn and Natalia Gordienko.

The show premiered “Radic tour” will be held on 29 July on the TV channel “Ukraine”.

The project “Radic tour” is implemented by the TV channel “Ukraine” and production Film.ua with the support of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID). This project was made possible through the generous support of the American people provided through the United States Agency for international development (USAID). The content of the products is the sole responsibility of the channel “Ukraine” and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the U.S. government. It is prohibited to reproduce and use any part of this product in any format, including graphic, electronic, copying or use in any other way without proper reference to the source.

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