A new video from the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10+

Появилось новое видео с флагманом Samsung Galaxy S10+

Presentation of the gadget will take place in six days.

In the network appeared the new video from the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10+, which will be presented on February 20. Details about the device has already been fully declassified, is now available a video which shows in detail the appearance of the device.

The record shows that the screen of the gadget is covered with a protective film. Fingerprint scanner built into the screen.

Because through the film he can’t work, especially for him in the film the hole cut.

This is due to the fact that the manufacturer used ultrasound scanner, not optical, which would not be a hindrance to the film.

In addition to this model line of Galaxy S10 will include two gadget, Jr., S10e and S10 normal.

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