A new wave of 2019: ANNA MARIA did not get the three leaders

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Новая волна 2019: ANNA MARIA не попали в тройку лидеров

Duet ANNA MARIA and Philip

The controversial duet ANNA MARIA took part in the Russian New wave contest 2019. According to the results of the first day, the star sisters appeared in the sixth position, and to the final of the competition situation is not much, but changed.

Thus, the results of all performances, the New wave of 2019 ANNA MARIA took fifth place with 243 points. One more singer from Ukraine, Taras, and all was in tenth position with a score of 230 points. The winner of the contest was the representative of Albania INIS Neziri, and the participant from Russia Danil storms took fourth place.

A new wave of 2019 – standings:

Новая волна 2019: ANNA MARIA не попали в тройку лидеров

Note the New wave contest 2019 was held in Sochi from 24 to 29 August. The main organizer and Chairman of the jury is Russian composer Igor Krutoy.

This year for New wave was made by many artists from Ukraine, and the scandalous duet ANNA MARIA criticized the network for participation in the competition. So, TV presenter Sergey Pritula sharply expressed in the address of the star sisters ANNA MARIA.

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