A nice holiday reading

Une agréable lecture de vacances

True to himself, the French writer Julien Sandrel offers us a history that is at once easy to read and full of twists and turns. In short, a perfect story for the holidays !

There was only two years ago, the French Julien Sandrel published his first novel, The house of wonders. A novel that has captivated tens of thousands of readers, who has won a couple of awards and which will soon be the subject of a film adaptation.

All that to say that the writer is now in his third book, which should also do well of sparks. And not only because it portrays a young woman named Phoenix !

Deceptive appearances

At the age of 23, Phoenix has completely dropped two things : his studies of music and his greatest dream of youth, which was to become a chinese concert pianist. Instead, she enrolled in the college of sciences and continues to do everything possible to not to think about his father, even if it’s been already three years that he killed. In a road accident, somewhere in Colombia. And this is where all the drama. Apparently, there was a mistress and it is going to find that he has instead found the death. Then in the family, we prefer not to talk about him.

But one day, Phoenix will come out of cardboard box stamped “forget” the old walkman from his father. And then, trying to make it work, she will notice a small piece of paper stuck in the machine that will change everything. Yes, his father was British. Except that contrary to what everyone believes, he was perhaps not made for cheating on his wife with another…

Mid-way between the thriller and the ecological and the family saga, a story that can be read without effort.


The footprint

to Edition 10/18
456 pages”>

Alex Marzano-Lesnevich
to Edition 10/18
456 pages

In 1992, in Iowa, a paedophile on parole by the name of Ricky Langley will strangle them without too much about why little Jeremy Guillory, six years. A dirty business that is going to profoundly mark the young law student Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich. This book, which has slipped in the last year in our list of the best novels foreign, has also won lots of awards, including the booksellers of Quebec.

I grow my vegetable garden for dummies

Editions First
312 pages”>

Philippe Collignon and Charlie Nardozzi
Editions First
312 pages

Taking advantage of the ” for dummies “, this guide explains everything you need to know to be able to easily push tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, cabbage, peas, squash, herbs or root vegetables. Only downside, it has especially been designed for our French cousins, whose winters are much less harsh and less long here…

Life without sugar is easy !

Editions Larousse
384 pages”>

Sarah Wilson
Editions Larousse
384 pages

This book, which must weigh not far from three pounds, worth their weight in gold. For its more than 300 easy recipes to make, of course, but also for all the good habits that he wants to instill : eat healthier, eliminate processed products as much as possible, use the leftovers to throw the least possible and, of course, cook without adding sugar. This is true even for desserts !

Thrills guaranteed

Women without thank you

Éditions Actes Sud
144 pages”>

Camilla Läckberg
Éditions Actes Sud
144 pages

Women without a thank you, which inspired the title of this short polar signed Camilla Läckberg have first of all been at the mercy of a cruel man and absolutely detestable. Let’s start with Tommy Steen, who is, perhaps, the least worst of the lot. Editor-in-chief of a major tabloid in Swedish, he asked his wife, Ingrid to sacrifice his brilliant career as a journalist to play with mothers in full-time. This might be acceptable if there was not the slightest occasion for having encounters with a host of 25 years to luscious lips. Then comes Malta Brunberg, a Swedish uncouth who could find a young and beautiful Russian wife on the internet. But given the way he’s going to treat Victoria, other words that” wife ” will soon be much more appropriate. For example, “maid” or ” sex slave “. Finally, Jacob Nilsson. The nightmare of all women : musty, hard, unforgiving, violent. And calculator, since it always holds to strike Birgitta, where it is not seen. So what to do when one must sit through on a daily basis one or the other of these sad sir ? Taking the floor in turn, Ingrid, Victoria and Birgitta are going to quickly be in charge of tell us, but without going into too much detail. This is the main weak point of the novel.

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