A Norwegian breaks a world record by singing Elvis for 50 hours

Un Norvégien bat un record du monde en chantant du Elvis pendant 50 heures

An imitator Norwegian Elvis Presley was beaten Saturday morning in Oslo a world record by singing the titles of “King” for more than 50 hours, during a musical marathon broadcast live on the internet.

In 50 hours, 50 minutes and 50 seconds, ” Kjell Elvis “, the stage name of Kjell Henning Bjornestad, has sprayed more than seven hours the previous record registered by the Guinness world records. It was owned for 16 years by a German, Thomas “Curtis” Gäthje.

“I shall never do it again ever,” said to the Norwegian tv NRK, the look-alike of the us star at the end of his performance at approximately 10: 50 a.m. (local time). He had started to sing on Thursday morning at 8 am local in a bar in the centre of Oslo, in complete outfit of Elvis.

According to his manager, it was recommended to the artist not to force the coffee to pass through two entire nights. Smoothies, fruit and energy bars have helped him go the distance and preserve his voice, a little gravelly in the last few hours.

Bjornestad, 52 years old, had already received international media attention by beating two times the record, the last time in 2003, a marathon of 26 hours at the time.

The artist had launched an appeal for donations on the internet page of the event intended, in part, to the construction of hospitals in Burma.

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