A novelist announces that she is alive two years after her death

Novelist announces she is alive two years after her death


An American novelist announced that she was alive, two years after her “death”. 

In October 2020, a person claiming to be the Susan Meachen's daughter had posted a message on the author's official Facebook page stating that she had ended her life.

The post has since been deleted, reports People magazine.


Since that time, suicide prevention posts and messages to promote Meachen's books have been shared.

But there was a turnaround this week when a long message from a person claiming to be Susan Meachen was posted in a private Facebook group saying she was finally alive.

“I've asked myself this question a million times and I'm still not sure about all of this,” reads the post, a screenshot of which was shared on Twitter.

“There are going to be a ton of questions and a lot of people are going to want to leave the band I imagine (…) My family did what they thought was best for me and I don't blame them for that. I almost died by my own hand and they had to go through that all over again. Coming back to this page isn't much, but I'm in good shape now and hope to start writing again soon.”

Reactions were pretty harsh with the woman who publishes novels at the rose water.

“I can forgive a lot of things, but I don't think I can after you faked your death,” Karen Hall wrote in the publication, according to the Rolling Stone magazine.

Several media have tried to reach the novelist, without result for the moment.


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