A nurse infected will not be entitled to the “premium COVID”

Une infirmière infectée n’aura pas droit à la «prime COVID»

A nurse from Quebec, who went to lend a hand to Montreal in the month of may was denied the payment of their “premium COVID” because she had to be confined after they have contracted the virus.

The professional, motivated to” help the movement ” solidarity, was part of a group of nursing volunteers of the IUCPQ deployed in the metropolitan area at the height of the crisis.

After having worked nights for seven consecutive days at the rate of 12 hours per shift in hot zone, she and her colleagues returned to Quebec on the 12th of may, two days after the entry into force of the “premium COVID” aimed to encourage workers from outside of Montreal to come there to give a helping hand.

“The next day [of my return], I went to examine to the clinic. Otherwise, I didn’t have the right to return to work. The same day, I was told that my test was positive, ” said the nurse, who requested anonymity to speak freely.

Result : leave forced to 20 days, and the symptoms eventually appeared, which were almost pushed to go to the emergency room. On more than a hundred volunteers of the IUCPQ, about a half-dozen have received an identical diagnosis, according to the Union interprofessional of the health of the place (SIS-IUCPQ).

Without nuance

However, that said leave said also not permissible to the premium, complain to the nurse, his union and the Federation interprofessionnelle de la santé (FIQ).

The ministerial decree of may 10, is without appeal : “from the moment an absence breaks the sequence of the work as a result, regardless of the reason, the professional shall not be entitled to its premium, if unworthy, the vice-president of the FIQ, Nathalie Lévesque.

The nurse has been placed on sick leave, a leave of absence in good and due form, replied his employer. A premium of a few hundred dollars was refused, even if all his colleagues who accompanied him had been right.

“This is not a lot of money, but it is for the principle,” says the president of the SIS-IUCPQ, Sébastien Bouchard. She moved to go help. But, in the end, she didn’t pulled apart having contracted the COVID. “

Not the only one

This nurse would not be the only one to put “sticks in the wheels” by her employer after being attached to the collective effort, ” says the vice-president of the FIQ. This would be particularly the case in a number of situations where a worker had to be absent, if only briefly, for family reasons.

“These are cases of exception. But there has been a lot of the exceptions, rabies Nathalie Lévesque. A given time, there is a limit. By and large, the family responsibility has not received the understanding of the management of the network. “

The president Sébastien Bouchard deplores the fact that the remedies are virtually non-existent given the ministerial decree that establishes unilaterally the terms and conditions of employment currently. It relies on the action brought by the FIQ in the superior Court, on the 13th of July, in order to prevent the ministerial decree of 21 march, which decrees the state of a health emergency, be renewed.

The ministry of Health had not responded to the request of the Journal at the time of writing these lines.

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