A paedophile soon to be released in the Saguenay?

Un pédophile bientôt libéré au Saguenay?

A pedophile Saguenay sentenced to 30 months in penitentiary six months ago could hardly recover his parole as early as Monday.

The victims and their parents are obviously going to oppose it, but their point of view has almost did not be presented.

Bernard Gaudreault had been sentenced to 30 months in prison not later than the 11th of February last. The victims have been thunderstruck to learn that the parole Board of Canada (PBC) was ready to hear it this week.

“Six months after having been sentenced to 30 months… it is like a wand on the fingers, saying: “bye, bye, good evening…”,” has launched, vexed, father of two victims of a man of 57 years on Thursday.

The former school bus driver and former volunteer of the scout Association of Saint-Honoré had pleaded guilty to a dozen counts of sexual assault relating to six young girls, aged 8 to 13 years, for facts dating back from 1997 to 2018.

Gaudreault is eligible for parole as quickly because the charges were brought by way of summary, possibly in exchange of the guilty plea. If this is really what happened, the formality would not have been explained to the families of the victims. The Crown prosecutor in the case is currently on vacation.

“The prosecutor would have been able to explain to us that”, said the father to VAT New. “We would be opposed to it, that’s for sure!”

The families have been notified of the hearing by the correctional services, who expressed surprise at the lack of opposition to the application of Bernard Gaudreault. The Commission has agreed to postpone the procedure for a few days, the time that the victims are preparing a written statement.

“It explains why we don’t want to review it at the Saguenay, how the victims feel in front of the court process,” explained the man. “If someone we had not notified, it could have been released as of yesterday…”

The fact that the charges have been brought by way of summary there is no impact on the decision of the parole Board. The commissioners will consider all evidence on file, including the prisoner’s behaviour between the walls.

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