A painful weekend to be expected in the health network

A tough weekend to be expected in the network of the health


The weekend promises to be very difficult in the health network, which is already overwhelmed and short of staff.

“We are still relatively overloaded with very, very little room for manoeuvre,” Germain Poirier, head of intensive care at Charles-Lemoyne Hospital, told TVA Nouvelles.

“The rubber band is tight. The resources are limited and then the number of patients increases”, proclaims for his part the president of the Association of specialists in internal medicine of Quebec, Hoang Duong.

The Legault government has warned that this end of week could be one of the most difficult in Quebec hospitals.

“I think we are already in a disaster when we have postponed care for other vulnerable clienteles who have serious illnesses. We are already currently in severe shortage of services, ”explains the head of the geriatrics department at Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital, Annik Dupras.

Doctors hope that unvaccinated Quebecers will change their minds. They represent half of the people hospitalized in intensive care.

The actors of the health network also ask Quebecers to get their second and third dose, while restricting their contacts.

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