A performance of the national holiday, which is good

Un spectacle de la fête nationale qui fait du bien

The great spectacle of the Saint-Jean, exceptionally aired simultaneously on the four networks, general practitioners (VAT, ICI Radio-Canada Télé, V and Télé-Québec) on Tuesday evening, was the image of the Quebec of today: beautiful, diverse, generous and inspirational.

After a number is introductory with a tale of Fred Pellerin, imagining a new world post-containment, empathic and close to nature, the party began to rise with songs that have marked the spirits as everyone at the same time of Louis-Jean Cormier, or Bobépine with Roch Voisine, Gregory Charles, Luce Dufault, or even Sky with Fouki, perched on the roof of the amphitheatre Cogeco, which has been registered in the show.


Marie-Michèle Desrosiers and Michel Rivard to relive the great moments of Beautiful Damage with a medley of songs of circumstances, including not Bring your gang, The giant Beaupré, I forgot the day and, finally, the blues of the metropolis.

The absence of public was compensated by a superb achievement by Jean-Francois Blais and the findings of staging, such as, for example, the use of the whole space of the amphitheatre, including the rows of seats to install platforms with musicians.

In the course of the evening, we will have emphasized the resilience of young people who have suffered a containment required, and end of the school year in the tail of a fish, with the beautiful song Lili Vincent Vallières or more electrical Plot, children of Félix Leclerc by Louis-Jean Cormier. It will also be recognized and highlighted the legacy of first nations, in particular through a superb duo of Elisapie and Pierre Lapointe.

Special Mention to Marie-Mai, Coeur de pirate, Ariane Moffatt, the three women of character who have delivered a number removing and inspiring by sharing each of their songs; same thing for Pierre Lapointe, Hubert Lenoir and Ariane Moffatt has brought a nice freshness to Outwit boredom and Your hotel.

The essential

If there are two must-haves for all the feasts of the Saint-Jean, it is the beer and the guitars. To celebrate this sense of celebration that is particular to québec, we had a number of festive with Two other beers, Shooter, fort, Stop drinking, followed by a music theme with I play guitar, and to finish There’s not much in the sky at night by Paul Piché, ironically accompanied by pyrotechnic effects in front of the Saint-Lawrence river.

In the midst of all these young artists, the great Diane Dufresne arrived with all its fury and madness, to sing to But live, accompanied by video) of the Montreal symphony Orchestra, the Metropolitan Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Estuary. A great time.

Because we need to know where we came from to know where we are going, before you want to invent a new world, Richard Séguin closes the evening with his song of hope, When we will sing, in the company of all the artists dispersed in the amphitheatre.

You can watch again the great spectacle of the Saint-Jean by clicking here.

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